Take the challenge

Transform a common household item into a bold fashion statement! Using a plain, white household sheet as a base, entrants must create an original fashion design that demonstrates creativity, innovation and a strong understanding of aesthetics. Small additions to the sheet (buttons, trim, very small fabric panels, etc.) are permitted, but at least 75 percent of the finished garment should be created from the sheet. The sheet may be altered through dyeing, tearing, cutting, weaving, etc. Let your design speak to your skill level and ability to handle university-level design assignments.

A panel of SCAD faculty will review and evaluate your submitted entry. Three winners will receive SCAD scholarships and be featured in a permanent online exhibit.

SCAD majors to consider

Students who are awarded scholarships to attend SCAD through the SCAD Challenge fashion design competition may wish to consider a major in fashion, fashion marketing and management, accessory design, fibers or production design with a costume concentration.